Stone Cladding in Perth


Stone Cladding in Perth

Nowadays, stone cladding has increased in popularity and more and more homeowners want to have these installed on their homes. It is common knowledge that everyone wants to get their money’s worth especially when it concerns their homes. When looking for stone cladding done perfectly, we have the answer. Here at FlandersStone, we have been known to provide excellent quality stone cladding in Perth.

In the past, we have been recognized by our peers since we have won several master builder awards for excellence. That only goes to show that our peers acknowledge that we do an excellent job. Not only that, we have been the “go-to” team for architects and builders who are in need of our services like installing stone cladding in Perth. Through the years, they trusted us with their projects and in return we made sure that we delivered what is expected of us.

Being in this business for so long, we have been exposed to different kinds of projects including installing several kinds of stone cladding in Perth. Our experience and exposure to different types of commercial and residential projects have taught us to perfect the art of installing stone cladding Perth.

For those who would want to have stone cladding Perth to be installed in their homes, there are a few things that you should consider.

• Price – As with many of you, a lot of people do consider price as the number one factor when finally deciding to have stone cladding Perth. The price mainly depends on the material that is being used. There are stones which are relatively cheaper than others, while others opt to save and get stone veneers instead.

• Material – Some people find that it would be more cost-effective if you get long-lasting materials instead of opting for second rate materials that would not last you a long time. Natural stones tend to last long compared to the cheaper stone veneer counterparts. It is solely up to you if you want to have natural stone installed or if you want a cheaper alternative for your Perth stone cladding.
• DIY vs hire professionals – With the advent of stone veneers, a lot of people have been confident in installing it themselves. It is pretty doable but you may go through several mishaps or mistakes along the way and waste valuable materials. When going with hired professionals like us, you are assured that the job is done perfectly and no material will ever go to waste. We agree that it is, indeed, cheaper to do it on your own, but will the quality be the same?
• Time – The time it takes to install stone veneers is shorter than when you have natural stone cladding Perth installed. When you opt for Perth stone cladding that is made of natural stones, you also have to consider the time it takes to install wall ties and footings.
• Longevity – Stone cladding made from natural stones and stone veneers generally last a long time. With stone veneers, you have to be prepared that the colour may fade after a long time especially if it is exposed to the sun. Whereas with natural stone, you do not have to worry about the colours fading since natural stones are known to retain their colours even when exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.

Those are just a few of the things that you need to consider when you want to have stone cladding Perth installed on your homes. Given those factors, if you are still unable to make up your mind with what to get, we can work with you and help you reach a decision. We will give you options that are best suited for your budget and your home.

At Flandersstone, we have worked on exterior and interior projects alike and we are confident that we can build you something that is perfect for you. With the stone supply that we have, your options are practically limitless. You have the choice on what colours and what stones you would want to use for your home’s Perth stone cladding.

We have been known by professionals in this business as the ultimate one-stop shop since we can do it all for you—we can give you the stone supply, design and build it for you.  There would be no need to contact other contractors or shop around for stones. If you are looking for a certain type of stone to be used for Perth stone cladding, do not worry we will be more than happy to source it for you.

When looking for someone to install Perth cladding stone for you, you have to consider quality above everything else to ensure that it will last you a long time. One way to make sure that you will have high quality Perth cladding stone installed is to look at past projects. Or better yet, you can take a look at our reviews on Google. Their testimonials all say that we provide “impeccable service.” On their reviews, they have all said that they have been very satisfied with the work done on their homes.

At Flandersstone, the services that we offer does not end with Perth stone cladding. We have highly-skilled stone masons who can do practically any kind of projects relating to stone. We can build you fireplaces, pool decks, stone walling. We can also have flagging stone installed for your patios, walkways, driveways, etc. Moreover, we not only deal with new builds but we also cater to renovation projects as well for both residential and commercial properties.

We know that there are several shops just like us that are popping up; but if you want high quality work when it comes to Perth cladding stone, look no further. At Flandersstone, we not only make sure that the work is top-notch but we also make sure we got you covered from start to finish. Call us up to have the perfect Perth cladding stone for your home or office.

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