FlandersStone specialises in the creation of unique, quality fireplaces and surrounds hand-carved in a variety of stone to add instant warmth to any hearth, custom designed to suit your exact specifications. You can view some of our custom projects on this page or make an appointment to visit our Joondalup showroom. We also create and import a large range of fireplaces on display at our showroom or see more on the Mantlepieces page.

Real stone fireplaces are hard to come by nowadays, especially since there are a lot of artificial fireplaces that are available today. Yes, these artificial fireplaces may seem to be as good as the real thing, but if you are going to be true to yourself, you will always know that they are not as good as the real ones. Nothing beats a classic, old-fashioned yet trendy fireplace when it comes to warming up any home.

The reason why the traditional fireplaces made out of stone have been slowly eased out of the market by their modern yet artificial counterparts is multi-faceted. Firstly, fireplaces made out of stone can be quite pricey. Some homeowners would choose to spend their money on other utilities and just buy whichever more affordable fireplace substitute they can find. Secondly, fireplaces made out of stone are not that easy to find nowadays. Since more people have been looking for artificial fireplaces, the market where you can find a real stone fireplace has slowly dwindled in number. Thirdly, traditional fireplaces can be very hard to put together. Unlike artificial fireplaces, they require installation from highly-skilled professionals.

In spite of all of these reasons, they should not keep you from getting the fireplace that your home deserves to have. Just because most people would settle for artificial fireplaces that offer less aesthetic value, it does not mean that you cannot have the great-looking fireplace that you have always wanted.

What if you were told that you can get your very own traditional fireplace made out of the finest stone at the fraction of the price that you think it would cost? For decades, we have brought superb stone hearths to families all over the region. The fireplaces that we have built have been enjoyed by generations and still continue to amaze those who own them. They bring instant warmth and coziness to any living area, even if the fire has yet to be lit!

What we do is we ask our clients what they want their fireplaces to look like and if there are any other specific designs that they would want to add. From there, we help them select the materials from our fine array of stone that we have gathered from across the world. No matter how large, small, modern, or traditional you want your fireplace to be, we can do it.

You can take a look at our online gallery to view some of our recent works. It will only take a few clicks on your computer to view the amazing works that we are proud to have accomplished for our happy and satisfied clients. You can also opt to visit our showroom and see the glorious mantelpieces that we have in display. After seeing the beautiful fireplaces that we have built, we can guarantee that you would want one for your home.

If you want extraordinary-looking Stone fireplaces designed especially for your home without breaking the bank, you can always approach us at Flandersstone. Flanderstone on Google

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