FlandersStone, Award winning Stonemasons in Perth supplier carries a range of stone Cladding unique to Perth.

We have a large range of Stone available, some of which can be seen in the gallery below.

FlandersStone are the only suppliers of yorkStone paving, Flagging stone, and Walling stone in Perth.

FlandersStone is a company that has been known for award-winning stonemasons in Perth. Their stonemasons are highly skilled to build practically anything with stone. Be it, interior projects or exterior projects—they can do it all.

Their Perth stonemasons are adept at handling home interior projects that are built with stone including, kitchens, stone walls, bathrooms, and fireplaces. If uncertain with a kitchen or bathroom design, their creative team would be more than willing to help homeowners achieve their dream home. Their team is known for design ideas that are artistic and elegant. What’s more, they value the client’s or the homeowner’s design ideas. From there, they can whip up a design like no other, using only the best stone that they have available.

Their stonemasons in Perth are not only good with home interior projects but also exterior projects as well. They can build and design patios, walkways, pool decks, verandas, balconies, etc. The great thing about FlandersStone is they can also make suggestions on what would be the best type of stone to use in a certain area of a house. This ensures that clients choose a stone that can withstand any type of weather—even the scorching heat of the sun.

Apart from being known to design and build private and commercial interior and exterior projects, FlandersStone is also known to be one of the best stone suppliers in Perth. They have a variety of stone in different colours, sizes, and cuts perfect for not only large commercial projects, but also for the individual home builders. The stone are packed into wooden crates so that it would be easier for buyers to transport.

FlandersStone works hard to give clients the best stone possible, which is why they source their stone from international and local quarries. They pride themselves in having the best selection of natural stone, including an extensive range of varieties and colours. They can even mix certain stone to give clients a unique mix they can call their own. They have cladding stone, building stone, paving stone, and so forth. They can be considered the one-stop shop for all stone needs.

Looking at their Google reviews, satisfied customers only have good words for FlandersStone. A very satisfied client was quoted as saying, “Attention to detail and quality of stone surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this company. Top quality craftsmanship.” Indeed, being in the business for over 30 years now, the quality of work that they do has cemented their reputation as being one of the best in the business.

For masonry projects and stone supply or to discuss any questions one may have, feel free to call the owner Jim at 0407 440 225. If interested in visiting their showroom, please call them up at 08 9304 0223. A lot of their past projects that they have designed and built can also be seen at their website at www.flandersstone.com.au.

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