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Stone Mantelpieces Supplier Perth – Perth Award Winning Stonemasonry And Quality Stone Supplier

FlandersStone is one of the premier and most trusted stone Mantelpieces supplier in Perth. They have been providing an exceptional quality of service and products for over 30years, and have gained a reputation that is second to none.

Checking their background, one can see that satisfied customers only have nice words to say about their team and the owner James. Testimonials include the following quote from a satisfied client, “I felt sure Flandersstone would reach my standards. I was not disappointed. Attention to detail and quality of stone surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this company. Top quality craftsmanship. I also managed to find the most darling fire surround with James.”

Architects and builders consider FlandersStone as one of the go-to stone mantelpieces supplier in Perth. Over the years FlandersStone has supplied mantelpieces to numerous architects and builders, and they have come to trust FlandersStone. They know that FlandersStone truly delivers. The quality of workmanship is evident in their work.

Apart from architects and builders, ordinary homeowners also make FlandersStone their number one choice as their stone mantelpieces supplier in Perth. This is due to the wide range of fireplace surrounds that they carry, and the quality of the services provided by FlandersStone. They have different types of designs ranging from Baroque to modern and anything in between. Not only that, they have antique reproduction style fireplaces that have been imported from Europe.

The FlandersStone team is highly skilled and in consultation with their customer, they are able to provide and extensive list of services. These include, anything from stone restoration of existing mantelpieces, building and designing elegant fireplace surrounds, or reproducing a new mantelpiece from existing designs including classic mantelpieces.

FlandersStone is not only known for being Perth stone mantelpieces supplier, but they are also known for a range of other services like designing and building practically anything with stone. That means they are able to design and build home interior projects like accent walls, cellars, etc. Homeowners and architects alike also choose them for exterior projects such as stone walling, patios, pool decks, walkways and the like. They also share their knowledge on the matter by providing architectural consultancy relating to stonemasonry projects.

Adding to the long list of services they provide, they have been known to supply high quality stone. They have stone that are perfect for any commercial or home project. They can work and guide customers on choosing the perfect stone for their needs.

To check what fireplaces they have on hand, book an appointment for a visit to their showroom on Winton Road. If you have any further enquiries regarding stone supply, interior and exterior stone designs, fireplace restoration, and stonemasonry consultancy jobs, please call us at FlandersStone.

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