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Stone mantelpieces Perth come in different varieties, materials, and colours. Choosing the one that best fit your home can be confusing for some. FlandersStone can help with that. They offer a wide range of stone mantelpieces and are certain to be able to find the perfect mantelpiece for your living space.

FlandersStone carries ready-made mantelpieces that are made from different kinds of stone like marble, travertine, and limestone. They can also make hand built mantelpieces that are made of building stone. The Perth stone mantelpieces that they provide, vary in design as well. They have a number of Baroque, Victorian, and Georgian mantelpieces that are considered to be classics and timeless. In addition, they also have exceptional, French and Italian designs.

As well as the ready-made mantelpieces that they have, they have replicas of prized antiques. FlandersStone is also known to have antiques which have been restored to perfection. They continue to accept restoration projects for several mantelpieces and fireplace surrounds. Their team of stonemasons is well-equipped to handle any mantelpiece restoration job. They can give clients the assurance that the mantelpiece would be restored to what it once was.

If going for customized stone mantelpieces, FlandersStone is proud to say that they can build mantelpieces and fireplace surrounds from scratch. They can design a mantelpiece that fits one’s home giving customers a unique one-of-a-kind fireplace. Their creative stonemasons have already mastered the traditional techniques that enable them to build a perfect mantelpiece. If opting for a more modern feel, no need to worry since they are also well-versed in modern design principles. If the client has their own design, Flandersstone will endeavour to create a mantelpiece that meets all of the clients specifications.

Apart from being a well-known company that sells and produces mantelpieces and fireplace surrounds, FlandersStone is also proud to offer other services. Contractors, builders, and architects go to them for all their stone needs. FlandersStone carries a wide range of stone that can be used in building private and commercial properties. Looking for a stone that can withstand the Australian sun? They have it on hand. They have stone that are perfect for the outdoors and are basically weather-proof. To top it all off, the stone that they offer come in different kinds, shapes, colours, and sizes. Pressed for time and worried that one might be unable to find a specific type of stone? Do not fret. They carry certain types of stone that other stone suppliers do not. If they do not have it on hand, they will be willing to go the extra mile and try to source the stone for their customers.

FlandersStone also does other masonry projects such as home interiors and outdoor living areas. For fireplace restoration and design, masonry projects for both interiors and exteriors, stone supply, or for any questions, feel free to call them up at 0407 440 225. A sample of their work can also be seen on their website’s, www.flandersstone.com.au, gallery.