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Choose Flandersstone For Elegant Marble Stone Fireplaces in Perth – Award Winning Stonemasonry And Quality Stone Suppliers

Here are some antique and reproduction fireplaces available from us in Marble and other stone.

For marble stone fireplaces in Perth, trust only Flandersstone. They have a wide range of fireplaces available. Flandersstone have marble fireplaces which range from European antique to reproduction fireplaces. You can visit our showroom to take a peek at their intricately-designed fireplaces. You will be able to see practically any type of marble stone fireplaces in Perth which comes in Baroque, French, Italian, and other Classic styles.

If a hand built fireplace is more your thing, no need to look someplace else. Flandersstone is definitely qualified to build you a fireplace that will match your home’s design. You can even choose the type and colour of stone that will be used for your fireplace. You can never go wrong with Flandersstone since we have years of experience in designing a fireplace that is unique and fully functional.

If you have a design in mind for a marble fireplace, our skilled stonemasons will be glad to work with you so you can have the fireplace that you truly want. We are known to be open to their clients’ suggestions and they make sure that the client will have a fireplace that is well-made and will last for years to come.

If you do not want to replace your current fireplace but wish to make it presentable again, Flandersstone can do the job for you. They are not only known to stock up on classic marble stone fireplaces in Perth, but we can also restore your old fireplaces to the beauty it once was. You will surely have a fireplace that you can be really proud of and show off to your friends and family. We have been restoring fireplaces for over 30 years now so you can be assured that it will look and function perfectly.

Whether it is a custom hand-built fireplace, or a custom-made Perth marble fireplace, or simply a restoration, you can trust that it will be handled by one of their skilled stone masons. Their stone masons are known for their artistic and intricate designs. You will certainly end up with an elegant-looking fireplace that will catch everyone’s attention.

With many years of experience in making marble fireplaces in Perth, a lot of people have loved our designs. From homeowners, to builders, and architects, they all recommend Flandersstone when it comes to marble stone fireplaces in Perth. Homeowners loved our creativity when it comes to marble stone fireplaces in Perth, while builders and architects can attest that our Perth marble fireplaces are well-built and will last a lifetime.

For homeowners who are looking to sell their homes in the future, adding value to one’s home is extremely important. Not many people know that they can add value to their homes without a major renovation. They can do so by simply having a marble fireplace in Perth installed in their home. If you are open to this idea but do not know where to start, do not worry we, at Flandersstone can surely help you out. We can sort it out with you and guide you in the right direction especially when it comes to having a marble fireplace in Perth. We can help you out with the size, style, and even the colour of your fireplace. We will ensure that the fireplace is not too big or too small for your home. We will make sure that you will have a marble fireplace in Perth that fits your home’s design as well as making sure that it will look like it is part of the house’s original plan and will not look like something that was propped there just for the sake of it. Flandersstone is there to help you and make certain that the firep
lace will not look out of place. Instead, it will become the room’s focal point. In the end, you will have an artistically-designed fireplace that fits seamlessly into your home.

So when you are looking for marble fireplaces in Perth, drop by Flandersstone’s showroom. There you will see a number of antique Perth marble fireplaces that have been imported from Europe. Flandersstone is your one stop shop when it comes to fireplaces. We do not only supply you with classic fireplaces but we can also custom make and restore fireplaces. Trust only Flandersstone for all your fireplace needs so you can be assured of a beautiful and well-built fireplace that is certainly one of a kind.

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